After Storms Knock Out Power Along Mid-Atlantic Coast, PPL Electric Utilities Sends Line Crews to Assist in Restoring Power

ALLENTOWN, Pa., July 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to Mid-Atlantic utilities dealing with massive power outages, PPL Electric Utilities has sent dozens of line crews today to help restore power in nearby states where hundreds of thousands of customers have been coping during the summer's first extended stretch of oppressive heat.

Thirty three PPL Electric Utilities employees gathered late this morning in Harrisburg and departed for Williamsport, Maryland, to assist First Energy with storm response efforts. Due to the extent of reported damage and the number of customers without electricity, the PPL Electric Utilities employees were preparing for the possibility of several days away from home.

Additionally, more than 150 workers for several PPL Electric Utilities contractors were released to support utilities in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia where early Saturday storms left extensive tree and power line damage. The contractors generally work full time for PPL Electric Utilities on infrastructure improvement projects.

PPL Electric Utilities participates in a Mid-Atlantic consortium of electric utilities that support each other when severe storms or other emergency events occur that require assistance to expedite restoration of service to affected customers.

"We were fortunate to receive significant assistance from utilities in other states during the severe storms we experienced last year, particularly Hurricane Irene and the late October snowstorm. Hundreds of utility workers helped us on those occasions, and I know how much their work was appreciated by our customers during those unusual events," said Gregory Dudkin, president for PPL Electric Utilities. "With our dedicated employees and contractors, we are pleased to return the favor and help restore power to so many who rely upon it during this heat wave."

Dudkin said PPL Electric Utilities will remain focused on local weather conditions, demand for power, and potential storms in its service area to serve customers well with the excessive heat wave expected to continue through much of this Fourth of July holiday week.

Based in Allentown, Pa., PPL Electric Utilities serves 1.4 million customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania. It is a subsidiary of PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL), which operates leading utilities in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and the United Kingdom serving 10 million customers with competitive electric generation and energy marketing in the Mid-Atlantic region and Northwestern U.S.

For further information: Lissette Santana, +1-610-774-5997, PPL Corporation
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