Farmers Can Harvest Energy Savings with PPL Electric Utilities
E-power® Programs, Incentives Also Benefit Agricultural Sector
PPL Electric Utilities

If you’re a PPL Electric Utilities customer who also wears the hat of farmer, rancher, or other agricultural occupation, you can harvest energy savings no matter the season.

PPL Electric Utilities has developed an Agriculture Education Program that includes tips on how to save energy on the farm and provides several case studies to show what some farmers have already done. Some key savings areas include lighting and more efficient motors.

“On some highly mechanized dairy, hog and poultry farms, or irrigated crop farms, electricity may provide up to half of all energy needs. That represents a huge energy savings opportunity,” said Tammy Albenzi, coordinator of the utility’s Agriculture Education Program.

“We know the people who work to put food on our tables are up before the sun and often work until dark. That sometimes doesn’t allow for a lot of time to think about energy efficiency, and that’s where our E-power® programs can help.”

The utility has many farms in its 29-county service territory in central and eastern Pennsylvania and counts about 18,000 agricultural accounts among its nearly 1.4 million customers.

“Saving energy on the farm isn’t that different from saving money in other settings,” Albenzi said. “Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how PPL Electric Utilities can help, and so we’re reaching out to the agricultural community to spread the word.”

You can find the Agriculture Education Program page at by selecting Save Energy & Money, then Resources for Saving.
Albenzi also noted October, which is Energy Awareness Month, is a great opportunity to focus on energy efficiency. The designation is an opportunity for everyone to focus on how central energy is to their lives and how to use it more efficiently. Be sure to check out for energy efficiency tips.

For more information on all the E-power offerings that can help save energy and money, visit

PPL Electric Utilities Corporation, a subsidiary of PPL Corporation, provides electricity delivery services to about 1.4 million customers in Pennsylvania and consistently ranks among the best companies for customer service in the United States. More information is available at

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