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Hurry, free trees available for your school
Western Power Distribution
WPD participates in tree planting
Dean Harwood, team manager from WPD’s Weston Depot joined the students at Uphill Primary to give the trees the best possible start.

What plans do you have for National Tree Week? This annual celebration to mark the start of the winter tree planting season occurs from Nov. 26 through Dec. 6.

Students from Uphill Primary in Weston-Super-Mare have made an early start and planted some fruit trees in their school grounds, thanks to support from local electricity company Western Power Distribution.

“The children involved in planting have taken ownership of the trees already, and the whole school is looking forward to picking and cooking the fruit once the trees are established,” said Jane Main, Growing Project coordinator from Uphill.

The planting was made possible due to the partnership between WPD and the Forest of Avon Trust, who coordinate WPD’s school planting schemes.


For further information: If you would like to apply for trees for your school, please contact
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