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Light up safely this Christmas
How to decorate with care this holiday season
Western Power Distribution
Holiday lights
WPD offers tips for safe holiday decorating.

With the festive season approaching, electricity distribution company Western Power Distribution (WPD) is urging people across the Midlands, the South West and South Wales to light up safely.

WPD delivers electricity to around 7.8 million customers across the region, and safety is its No. 1 priority.

“We’re moving toward a time of the year when lights and other illuminations are brought out and dusted off to decorate homes and gardens,” said Lee Wallace, WPD safety and training manager. “Making a few simple checks will help ensure everyone enjoys the festive season safely.”

Top tips from WPD include:

• If installing outdoor lighting, always look up and check for overhead power lines — particularly if you are using a ladder — as electricity can jump.
• Never use lights designed for indoor use outside.
• Use a Residual Current Device (RCD) at the socket where you plug the lights in, and take care not to overload plugs and extension leads.
• Check the condition of the lights when you unpack them, and discard any with frayed or exposed wires.
• Consider replacing old lights with the latest specification low voltage lights, which are less likely to get hot and overheat.

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