Vulnerable customers getting extra support from Western Power Distribution

Over 14,000 vulnerable customers on Western Power Distribution’s Priority Services Register were proactively called by the company to check on their health and welfare because of a power cut during November alone.

WPD is responsible for managing the electricity network that powers homes and businesses across the Midlands, South West England and South Wales. It is the company to contact during a power cut or when reporting a dangerous situation involving electricity, like fallen wooden poles or power lines.

The company’s Priority Services Register is a free service and is eligible to anyone of pensionable age, the disabled, those who have young children or who rely on medical equipment.

As part of the service, customers are kept informed as much as possible of power cuts affecting their home and are given special help, if needed, through WPD’s association with the British Red Cross.

“Our network is very reliable and power cuts are quite rare, but when they do happen we know that it can be inconvenient, said Chris Griffiths, WPD’s Contact Centre manager. “For some people it can also be worrying. Our Register offers peace of mind for vulnerable customers and their families, and we do our very best to ensure that their needs are met at all times.”

WPD currently has 1.9 million customers on its register.

“In a power cut, we do our best to contact those on our Register to make sure they are informed and assured of what is happening and to offer the help they need. Wherever possible we will provide details of when to expect power to return, and we may contact them multiple times until the power is restored. The response we have had to the service is really positive and we want to ensure that everyone who needs the service is registered. You may never need it, but it’s good to know it’s there just in case,” said Grifftiths.

To find out more information or to register, please call WPD at 0800 096 3080 or visit

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