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PPL Announces Support for President's Global Climate Change Initiative

PPL Corporation announced today (2/12) that it has joined with other industry leaders in an initiative to reduce carbon emissions intensity in the electricity industry.

The Electric Power Industry Climate Initiative, a group of energy industry leaders, has voluntarily pledged to reduce the power sector's carbon emissions intensity by 3 to 5 percent by the end of this decade.

"President Bush has challenged us to be part of the solution to global climate change, and we have responded with an aggressive program that will reduce emissions intensity while safeguarding America's energy supplies," said Jim Seif, PPL's vice president of Corporate Services and former secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. "We applaud the President for his support of this voluntary effort by our industry to address this complex issue."

Seif said the group is working with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop the details of the industry's reduction effort. Once an overall process is identified, individual companies like PPL will work with the department to develop their own carbon intensity agreements.

"Every corporation faces unique challenges when it comes to carbon intensity," said Seif. "The President's voluntary program recognizes these differences and allows each company to find the best way for its organization to reduce carbon."

He said this flexibility, which will allow the industry to better plan for carbon intensity reductions, also is a key component of the President's Clear Skies program. PPL announced support for that initiative earlier this year. Clear Skies focuses on the reduction of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury emissions.

PPL will soon begin an analysis of its facilities to find opportunities to reduce, sequester or avoid carbon emissions.

Through its PPL Project Earth™ environmental program, the company already has reduced its corporate-wide sulfur dioxide rate by more than 50 percent, nitrogen oxide rate by more than 65 percent and carbon dioxide rate by more than 10 percent since 1990.

Seif noted that the company also is developing several alternatives to high-intensity carbon generation including fuel cells and landfill methane projects. In addition, the company operates environmentally sensitive hydroelectric generation plants in Pennsylvania, Maine and Montana.

PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL), headquartered in Allentown, Pa., controls about 11,500 megawatts of generating capacity in the United States, sells energy in key U.S. markets and delivers electricity to customers in Pennsylvania, the United Kingdom and Latin America.

SOURCE: PPL Corporation

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