PPL Electric Isabel Update, Sept. 20, 4:30 p.m.: More Than 400,000 Customers Restored in 48 Hours

This news release is an update on the progress of restoring electricity to PPL Electric Utilities customers affected by Isabel.

   Situation:  One of the largest groups of PPL and contract line crews ever
               assembled at the company has restored power to more than 80
               percent of its customers that were affected by Tropical Storm
               Isabel. Approximately 450 PPL and contract line crews
               continue to work shifts around the clock in the effort.

               By late afternoon, about 425,000 customers were back in

               Historically, a storm is considered large if it causes more
               than 1,000 individual cases of necessary system repairs.
               Isabel has already caused 4,356 cases of trouble.

               Most PPL customers are expected to be back in service by the
               end of the weekend. However, in some areas, the sheer volume
               of trouble cases will take longer to resolve. PPL is working
               to release updated restoration times later this evening.

   Customers Restored:      425,000 as of  5:00 p.m. EDT Saturday (9/20)

   Customers Without Power: 74,000 as of 5:00 p.m. EDT Saturday (9/20)

   Affected Areas:   The entire 29-county service area of PPL Electric
                     Utilities in eastern and central Pennsylvania has been

   Number of Repairs Pending:  2,888

   Cause of Outages: Fallen trees and tree limbs.

   Est. Restoration Time:  With the progress crews are making, PPL Electric
                           Utilities expects to restore the majority of
                           customers currently without service by late
                           Sunday. It will take until early next week to get
                           every customer back in service.

   Additional Information:  Outage figures are updated continuously on PPL's
                            news media Web site: www.pplnewsroom.com. The
                            Web site also lists contact information for each
                            part of the company's service area.

                            In areas with extensive damage to the electric
                            delivery system that will take more than a day
                            to repair or rebuild, PPL Electric Utilities has
                            made thousands of phone calls to customers to
                            keep them informed and assess any special needs
                            they may have.

                            Customers should call PPL Electric Utilities'
                            toll free number, 800-342-5775 (800-DIAL PPL) to
                            report outages, fallen wires or special needs.

                            Because so many of the outages are the result of
                            fallen trees and tree limbs, in some places
                            wires are on the ground. People should stay far
                            away from fallen wires, even if they appear to
                            be "dead." Call PPL Electric Utilities or 911

SOURCE: PPL Corporation

CONTACT: Andy Hallmark of PPL Corporation, +1-610-774-5997, fax,

Web site: http://www.pplweb.com/

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