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PPL Electric Utilities program helps targeted customer groups maximize their HVAC systems
A new program from PPL Electric Utilities can help commercial, industrial and institutional customers boost the efficiency of the HVAC systems that cool their buildings.

The company is partnering with Field Diagnostics Inc. to recruit and train HVAC contractors who can provide high-tech diagnostic testing and upgrades on cooling equipment, which typically is the largest contributor to a customer’s utility bills and the best opportunity for energy savings in commercial buildings.

The new program, called E-power HVAC Tune-up, goes beyond routine maintenance and focuses on maximizing efficiency and increasing cost savings. 

Energy usage by heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment can account for 35 to 60 percent of a typical commercial customer’s energy consumption. “HVAC systems that aren’t properly run or maintained can increase energy bills, decrease the comfort of building occupants and become unreliable,” said Thomas C. Stathos, director of Customer Programs and Services for PPL Electric Utilities.

“With this program, specially trained technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to perform complex tests and repairs that are independently analyzed and verified to optimize energy efficiency,” he said. “Customers get the benefit of long-term energy savings.”

Customers who need to invest in new energy-efficient equipment also may qualify for HVAC rebates from PPL’s E-power program.

Additionally, the program helps participating contractors to be at the forefront of technological advances in the field and provides them with incentives depending on the services they perform for their customers, Stathos said.

Contractors should contact Field Diagnostics at or call 215-359-3916 for more details on how to participate in the program.

Over the past several years, Field Diagnostics has partnered with many Fortune 500 companies, mechanical service contractors, heating and cooling equipment manufacturers, and electric utilities. Field Diagnostics’ equipment has been used to assess and improve the performance of more than 300,000 HVAC units across the United States since 1994.

“We’re proud to have been selected as PPL Electric Utilities’ business partner for the E-Power HVAC Tune-up program,” said Dave Ziler, vice president and chief operating officer at Field Diagnostics. “It’s a testament to our expertise in advanced HVAC fault detection diagnostics and our ability to enable electric utility companies to bring value to their customers.”

The E-power HVAC Tune-up is among a dozen energy-saving programs offered by PPL Electric Utilities to help customers make wiser energy choices to use less electricity and save money. Visit for more information about all of the E-power programs.

PPL Electric Utilities, a subsidiary of PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL), provides electric delivery service to 1.4 million customers in 29 counties of eastern and central Pennsylvania. It consistently ranks among the best companies for customer service in the United States. More information is available at

For further information: contact Joe Nixon, spokesman, 610-774-5997 or
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