Big discounts for small business
E-power® Direct Discount offers price cuts up to 75 percent for lighting, refrigeration upgrades
PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities’ small-business customers can now take advantage of a new E-power® program that could save them up to 75 percent off the cost of energy-efficient lighting or commercial refrigeration projects.*

The Direct Discount program, launched Wednesday (9/7) at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, 905 Harrison St., Allentown, is for GS1 or GS3 rate customers who use less than 400,000 kilowatt-hours a year in electricity.

Energy savings can quickly pay back the cost of the upgrades, and participating businesses don’t have to worry about any paperwork.*

Other program rules also apply. Check for details. Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Small business is an important factor in the economic vitality of the communities we serve,” said Tom Stathos, director of Customer Programs and Services for PPL Electric Utilities. “This new initiative will give these businesses a boost in saving energy and saving money. Savings come up-front by covering much of the installation costs for the improvements, as well as over the long term in energy savings. In today’s challenging economy, it can make a difference. ”

Qualifying businesses can participate regardless of whether they shop for their electricity supply.

For the month of September, representatives of PPL Electric Utilities’ E-power program and participating contractors will be knocking on the doors of small businesses in Allentown to introduce the program.**

Though the program is now open to all qualifying businesses in the PPL Electric Utilities service territory, special marketing promotions will be held in select cities over the coming months, into next spring. The promotion in Allentown will run through the end of this month.

Businesses that schedule a Direct Discount assessment during the designated outreach month in their community will get up to five free compact fluorescent light bulbs installed in their location.

While there is no cap on the amount of discounts a business can receive, program funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Allentown has more than 4,000 potentially eligible small-business customers.

“The Direct Discount program really complements some of the existing programs in Allentown that are geared toward helping small businesses thrive,” Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski said. “It has a dual benefit of promoting energy efficiency and economic development. I would encourage our small-business owners to look into it.”

Both Pawlowski and Stathos spoke at the Direct Discount launch, as did Scott Unger, executive director of the Allentown Economic Development Corporation, and Tom Kerr of the Allentown Energy Conservation Loan Fund.

The site of Wednesday’s Direct Discount launch is owned by the AEDC, and the group will be taking advantage of the program to increase the building’s lighting efficiency.

“I invite all small-business owners in the city to learn more about this program and other E-power initiatives that can help them be more energy-efficient, as well as help their financial bottom line through long-term energy cost savings,” Unger said.

The Direct Discount service is offered through participating contractors, who can be found by visiting** For more information, call the E-power Solutions team at 1-866-432-5501.



* Actual discount, monetary savings and payback periods will vary depending on several factors including equipment installed, energy saved, customer operation and age of existing equipment. Offer subject to change without notice and limited to PPL Electric Utilities small-business customers. Complete eligibility requirements are available at


** Direct Discount contractors are not certified by, endorsed by or affiliated with PPL Electric Utilities or its affiliates (collectively, “PPL”). PPL does not warrant the services of these contractors and in no event is PPL liable for these contractors’ services. No contractual obligations of any kind are created between PPL and you as part of this program.


For further information: Joe Nixon, 610-774-5997
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