PPL Electric Utilities Details Post-Flooding Restoration Process
With Decreasing Water Levels in Sight, Reconnection Rules Important for Safety
PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities wants residents affected by flooding to be aware of what’s required to help ensure the safe return of power to their homes and businesses.

Major flooding along the rivers in central and eastern Pennsylvania forced thousands to flee their homes earlier this week.

In some cases, PPL Electric Utilities workers removed electric meters from homes to avoid damage from floodwaters. Instructions were left on customer doorknobs or placed at the residence or business where meters were removed or blocked, or where power was cut because of flooding.

In other cases, the company cut power to entire circuits or substations as a safety precaution. Such moves were made in coordination with local emergency management officials.

The full extent of damage to electrical equipment in any flooded areas won’t be known until waters recede and it’s safe to enter those neighborhoods. Firm restoration times depend on access to affected areas.

“We know it’s not an easy time for residents who had to leave their homes, but those customers can be sure that PPL Electric Utilities will be there to restore service as soon as it’s safe to do so,” said Carl Segneri, vice president of Distribution Operations for PPL Electric Utilities. “We’ll await direction from the appropriate emergency management officials as to when that can start.”

Affected customers need to take the following steps before power is turned back on:

  • If the main electrical service panel or meter base (service disconnecting equipment) was exposed to water, a private electrical inspection is required prior to restoring electricity. No electrical inspection waivers will be permitted.
  • If the main electrical service panel or meter base was not exposed to water, PPL will require customers to sign a release on the back of the door hanger attesting that the main electrical panel or fuse box was not under water prior to unblocking the meter. PPL will not enter the building.
  • Customers who called PPL to request their meter be removed or electric service temporarily disconnected need to contact PPL and follow the procedures above.
  • Meters that have been pulled and that are not damaged will likely be reinstalled at the same customer location. In cases where the meter was damaged, the state Public Utility Commission requires that a tested meter be installed.

In areas that lost power, PPL Electric Utilities may remove meters in homes that were damaged so we can restore service to others fed from the same main circuit.

For homes that did not lose service, but are flooded, PPL Electric Utilities will not cut service but will require an inspection within 30 days.

Customers with questions can call 1-800-342-5775 for assistance.

In any power outage, customers should always take steps to stay safe and protect home appliances and electronics. Turn off electric ovens, ranges or space heaters that may have been in use when the outage occurred. In addition, make sure to unplug sensitive home electronics that can suffer damage when power is restored.

More power outage information is available at www.pplelectric.com/outage.

For further information: Joe Nixon, 610-774-5997
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