Work to Begin on $2 Million Project by PPL Electric Utilities to Improve Electric Reliability in Lycoming County
PPL Electric Utilities

Local residents may see power line crews at work this fall as PPL Electric Utilities makes improvements along eight miles of line in southern Lycoming County.

The company is investing $2 million to rebuild and upgrade about eight miles of distribution lines between Jersey Shore and Williamsport. The upgraded circuit will be able to handle additional electricity and will improve reliability for about 4,000 customers.

The company is also installing smart grid devices that provide more flexibility to automatically transfer customers to different circuits in case of network problems. That will reduce the frequency and length of power outages for affected customers.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“We’re very pleased to begin this improvement project for Lycoming County. It is a significant investment that will make a difference in the quality of service we can provide for our local customers,” said Frank Gaida, regional operations director for PPL Electric Utilities.

The local project is part of ongoing network investment by PPL Electric Utilities throughout its 29-county service area. The company expects to spend $3.4 billion over the next five years to strengthen its transmission and distribution systems and replace aging equipment.

For further information: Michael Wood, 610-774-5997, Teri MacBride, 570-416-5135
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